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A little about me...

I apprenticed under two master farriers in Illinois from 2003-2007.  Both held state licensures, a program which ended prior to my apprenticeship.  I worked for them full time, and retained my own clients as well under their guidance.  Collectively our clients included the City of Chicago & City of Waukegan mounted police, the Hooved Animal Humane Society, and a host of various barns including gaited and specialty eventer/hunter/jumper work.

I relocated to Birmingham in May 2007 and accepted a hospital job in a heart cath lab so I could pay bills while restarting my farrier and riding business. I relocated due to ill grandparents and a sister getting married down here. I have not selected a certification association due to the politics and bad blood between the two largest national groups.  I have done some hoof rehabilitation work with a farrier (now retired) down here; many of the farriers practicing today apprenticed under him; he was my farrier in college.  He carried a GA farrier license and likewise was not affiliated with either national group. 

I have a bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Montevallo and an EMT-B license. 

I have many references and travel statewide and into Alabama's contiguous states.

This blog serves to help my clients, their friends, my friends, and other horse contacts to network. It costs nothing and I simply enjoy maintaining it and helping people connect.

Present fees are $35/trim, add $20/pair of basic shoes, and add $10 for drafts.

I would embrace the opportunity to assess your horse for working barefoot (mine are all very happy this way, even on tough, rocky trails) - however, some jobs and time frames require additional support and I certainly understand that. Boots, shoes (in all their transformations nowadays), and barefoot all have a place in the best utilization of form and function for the horse.

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