1998 15'2 APHA Mare

His first time on an equine of any size!

His first time too!

View from the saddle.

Arapa Lace - AKA "Apple" - is one big hearted, miraculous and beautiful mare.  She is blind in both eyes due to uveitis (sustained and treated, but still resulting in cataract scars) and is incredibly independent.  She has two pony buddies that she tags along with alternately, Twilight and Prairie, and her mini donkey friends.  She learns the lay of the land very easily and is often seen grazing off by herself; she is the boss of the herd and no one better get in her way at feeding time!  She is extremely trusting in her human companions as well; she knows her name and rides and lunges extremely well by any standard.  In fact, she memorized the size of our round pen and easily and fearlessly freelunges in it at a walk, trot, and canter!  I am sure she misses her jumping days, but she enjoys lungeline work and trail riding!

I can't tell you how many people have said, "I thought blind horses had to be put down."  "You can't ride a blind horse."  Apple would beg to differ.

She can do anything a nicely broke horse can do.  She IS a nicely broke horse.  In fact, on a recent trail ride (which included multiple creek crossings, mud, uphill, downhill, treeroots, rocks, etc - all of which she managed with grace, barefoot AND blind), she was the "confidence builder" for a 5 y/o pony on her first big trail ride, showing her the creeks weren't horse-eating creatures and crossing them without hesitation.  She also 'wow'ed the humans with her trailering abilities.  We had a couple of folks walk up ("This I gotta see!") for Apple to easily step forward and walk without fear into the trailer.

"Leads, loads, ties, stands for farrier & vet..."   wow, that's only the beginning of what this horse can do well and with ease - that all horses *should* do.

Apple is not the only horse to be rideable to a level of winning and performance.  Consider these stories:

Bright Zip
Wyalta's Miss Bright
And a farm dedicated to their rescue, rehab, and repurposing - from pasture pets to show horses.

Haven't even started to talk about pedigree.  First of all, no Impressive lines, yet quality champion western pleasure, cutting, and halter horses - multifunctional horses.  Here are a few names:  Blondys Dude (x 2), Hollywood Gold, Poco Tivio (ex Poco Bueno), Triples Titan, Jaguar, Doc Bar, Cutter Bill, and a healthy dose of Hancock lines.  She is out of Titans Lace by Arapadude.

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