Vintage 16HH Palomino QH gelding

"Sonny" is ready for his graceful retirement.  He is in his mid to late 20s.  He ranks lower in the herd and would do best with only a couple of horses.  A sweet boy and a gorgeous pasture pet!  Please be willing to provide the vet and farrier you use and be able to provide appropriate feed for this guy.  He keeps well on pasture with access to a 3 sided shelter, loves the round bale, and appreciates grain/pellets too!

Per the owner:

In the past he had a problem with an intestinal parasite that was immune to ivermectin. I had him treated and got him on a quest based wormer which has worked well. I have him under observation at present to make sure the weight loss is due to the hay problem (being run off by a dominant horse) or if his intestinal damage is resurfacing. So, I have no plans to move him, at least until I can verify and fix the minor weight loss issue. 

Email or call 205-966-1376.  Located in Branchville, AL - available for consideration April 1.

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