calico kitty & great dane pup

These two new additions to my family as of last week are going to need homes -they are going to the vet this week to get set up for spay and neuter appointments and be brought UTD on vaccines, heartworm check, etc.

Leroy (AKA Leroy Jethro Gibbs, LOL) is a sweet black Dane mix puppy who showed up at an empty farm that was for sale. The owners (no longer living there but still owning the property) were feeding him every day or so and he seemed determined to stay there. He was emaciated but is putting weight on steadily. I have begun crate training with him in the house and he has caught right on. It is clear to me that he may have been abused as he is extremely submissive and desperate to please -he thrives on praise and wants nothing more than to sit on the floor with his head in your lap to be petted. He is friendly with other dogs and completely non-aggressive Not the biggest fan of cats but does not pursue them -just growls if they prowl too close to his crate. He is gorgeous, no evidence of mange, and was bathed and flea-treated when I brought him home -he was perfect for being bathed and is enjoying having a home. He adjusts very well to routines and is learning "Go to Bed" and "Wanna go Outside" and lets you know via whining when he needs to go outside. He can be a bit timid so would need someone who can understand that and be patient.

Rosy is a medium hair muted calico kitty. She has had a litter of kittens but is herself still pretty much a kitten; tiny and dainty and all she wants is to be in your lap or laying near you purring. She came from a client's farm where she evidently wandered up; they found homes for the kittens but didn't need her -she's not a barn cat -and their dogs were considering her for supper. She is just a doll; curls up in bed with you; pretty unassuming; doesn't pick fights with the othr house creatures; seems to tolerate the dachschund and they have been spotted sleeping close together on the couch. She would be ideal for someone who needs a lap kitty; not sure she'd be the biggest fan of a lot of commotion, kids picking her up, etc, though she is quite friendly -just not the "grab and tote around" type. Litter box trained.

205-908-7729 if interested!
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