We have some newcomers, which brings our crew to 9!

Kameo Kayla: 9 y/o, 16H, bay, anglo-arab mare. Awesome, willing jumper! Big-time "join-up" horse; she loves a partnership and has just boatloads of try. Would do absolutely anything to please.

Valentine: still growing (like a weed!) - turned 2 on April 29 - born buckskin but is greying out! Started on groundwork but mainly being spoiled rotten by her 8 y/o barn manager. Quickly figuring out that having feet handled is not a bad thing! She is a "lady in waiting" for Chance and is going to be started for trail readiness first and possibly shown.

Lark: my first AQHA horse. 19 y/o, 15.2. she is a companion for chance and will be foal checked later this month for a 2010 Rugged Lark/Fadjur quarab baby. So sweet and lovely to look at; stands and seems to fall asleep while having her face groomed.

Updates on everyone else:

Chance is doing awesome; currently started under saddle and is proving to be extremely quiet, quick to learn, and very easy to handle - a child can catch, halter, and lead him with ease. All good traits to pass along for a quality working horse!

Chloe (AKA Cleo; AKA Bubbles) - 3 y/o fancy quarter-type; started under saddle and coming along very nicely; picking up reining with ease, moves well off leg pressure, stops and backs up. What a sweet heart - this is the welcome wagon of the crew; she'd rather see what's going on with the people than hang with the other horses! Going to be a fabulous kid's horse, even at her young age. One in a million.

Hailey's Comet (AKA Sammy; AKA Sammy Davis Jr; AKA Sunny) - 3 y/o flashy strawberry roan paint mare, flaxen mane. Started under saddle and coming along just as well as Chloe; smart, sensible; excellent movement; free jumps in the pasture in perfect form - very reminiscent of arabian movements, fluid and elastic. Looks and personality for hunter/jumper but for now being started for trail readiness.

Maizie - 9 y/o qh/twh-type bay mare, 16H, great feet! Has been rehabilitated from a hind leg abrasion (for which she was owner relinquished) that was left untreated for waay too long. She came from an unfortunate situation wherein her owners (who had her since she was two, trail rode her everywhere, etc) were victims of the economy and bad judgement which left her with, by the time i got her, a leg abrasion that was at least a month old that had been allowed to get infected. It took about a month of alternating antibiotics, bute, msm, soaks, rubs, wraps, etc to get that nastiness out, which had caused some tendon sheath irritation. She's had nothing but time to allow her to heal up, which she has! Very sensible mare; easy to trim and handle; lunges on verbal commands; gets along with goats and a very big fan of feeding time. Trailworthy!

Figaro - pretty is as pretty does - and he does a lot! I can't believe that he's the same 1 1/2 year old I got as a pitiful kidney bean with legs in 2006 when he and his pasture mate were maybe a few weeks from starving to death (if dehydration or stark illinois coldness didn't get to them first). Took him to a NATRC trail ride clinic in Jasper for his first-ever group trail ride experience. He just thought Bediya was beautiful and couldn't keep his nose away from being connected to her butt. Sigh... boys....

Legs is still happily leased in Cullman to a girl who met him at Camp Coleman last summer. She feel in love with him during girl scout camp and at the end of the summer, we agreed that he could stay at her grandparent's place for as long as she was enjoying riding him. He is missed and thought of often but I couldn't be more happy that the two of them are together!

BART TWO: The original BART (1985 Red GMC C2500) met his demise on i-65 near Athens, on which he blew a head gasket and subsequently threw a piston rod. He has been successfully rehomed to a neighbor in need who happened to have a 350 motor sitting around and was in need of a truck. BART 2.0 is a 2001 Red F250 Supercab Superduty Triton V-10 and has air conditioning and a cd player (and also a knack for hauling things). Looking forward to driving to Dothan and Jasper with air conditioning AND a radio next time!

I am working on a new website which is why updates haven't been happening of late. Blue Star Equine is maintaining a program of rescue and rehabilitation for needy horses and is adding a component, with the addition of Chance, to (at a very limited rate) selectively breed quality mares to create registered sporthorses, sportponies, and Arabians of old-line Polish descent - the realization of my uncle's dream. Funds from this will directly support the rescue mission. It is our hope that using a multifaceted approach towards equine husbandry will further raise awareness regarding the plight of the horse in the current economy, in harmony with responsible breed development to improve equine athletes for the future.

As always, I am available at pretty much moment's notice for training, farrier work, and even to borrow my trailer or haul a horse. Don't hesitate to ask if you need a hand with anything!

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