2006 14'2HH bay QH/Arabian grade mare

Cora is an easy riding, quiet mare who needs more miles.  She is headshy until properly haltered or bridled and it takes a savvy, patient hand to do so.  Easy to handle and gentle nature.  She will need a rider to build back her confidence in people.  She lunges well but is leery of being whipped and is very attentive (bordering on paranoia) to her handler.  Lots of ability and potential for someone who wants a true long-term relationship; she is very responsive to quality handling and care.  An intermediate rider would do well with her, and beginners have ridden her without difficulty, but due to some of the ground handling skitteriness she would be best for a patient intermediate rider at best, or any rider under advisement of a patient and capable horse person.  Easy keeper; has been shod in the past but currently (and comfortably) barefoot; stands well tied for grooming, saddling, and for the farrier.

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