~13 y/o 15'3 chestnut warmblood mare

This is Amber!

She is one that you really need to ask for a canter and may even want to wear a little spur to get her to move along if you want to go faster than she normally likes to go. Very pretty and comfortable gaits.  She is awesome to work around and I have found that nothing yet bothers this mare. She is stout and the type that makes your leg sit in the correct position. The people who owned her previously trail rode her in the mountains on very rocky terrain as well as let their little girls and 6 y/o son ride her everywhere; also husband proof!   The little boy toted her around and climbed on her where ever he could find a spot and rode around on her bareback. She has a beautiful coat that shimmers like a new copper penny when it hits the sun the right way.

The rider here is almost 5'10". 

Here is a short clip of Amber trotting a crossrail. She has a laid back personality and may need a little more "push" (crop/spur) to really have her going over fences in style!  She hasn't been pushed and her quiet nature is being enjoyed for trails and lessons.

This is a very sweet mare who thrives with attention and just loves people. A very easy keeper.

Email Debbie or call/text 205-467-7551 to find out more about Amber.  Located in Springville, AL.

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