NEW BABY!!! 9/14/2009

Our new (as yet unnamed) baby - but what a sweet surprise! her momma Karolyna (aka Sugar, a pure Polish mare) carried her "high and tight" as my uncle would say, and being a food hog, no one was ever any wiser since we suspected her to be barren after years of prior attempts to breed her with no avail. a maiden mare :) Chance is her daddy, and this is his second filly on the ground!
sooo excited!

more info, pedigree details, etc to follow!
more of the story (though there's always so much more to say!)


We wound up losing this sweet little filly on Sunday, 10/4/09, after an attempt to introduce her to a bigger pen with her dam and another filly. The stress of a new situation was too much, and without too many details, essentially caused her to have a heart attack and cease breathing. Despite all attempts to save her life she did not make it. We are broken hearted at this loss. Thanks for everyone's kind thoughts and words during this time.

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